Are you gonna change it up a bit like to 21st century outfit? - "That might be addressed. Watch tonight. It’s on tonight."

Sleepy Hollow 1x11 - The Vessel

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I wanted to have Idris not be the blonde, square-jawed, anglo, super hip marine that knows [everything]. I wanted somebody that could bring a lot of authority, but that you could feel the weight of the world on his shoulders. When I watched Luther, that’s the essence of the character… Luther is carrying literally the evils of the world on his shoulders. He’s doing penance for all humanity… Idris is one of those actors that is capable of embodying humanity, in almost like a Rodin sculpture-type, larger than life, almost like a Russian realism statue, you know, big hands, all the turmoil of humanity in his eyes. I wanted somebody that you could have doubts internally, and very few guys can do that.

— guillermo del toro on idris elba  (via ungirthed)

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